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A website for the Gay Man in Michigan...


Chat is now functioning fine!  Come chat with us by clicking the chat link or using an IRC client such as mIRC and going to the EFnet IRC Network and then channel #gaymichigan.  Gay . com sucks and it is all adbots anyways!

C'mon on and chat with us!  Meet other Gay Michigan Men for chat only!
                                                No Sex Chat ALLOWED

*** Until we can get people chatting lets try to meet in Chat at 7-8 pm Starting July 15****

That will be two weeks from now.  That will give plenty of notice.  By all means stop by any time but with this formal meeting time it will help ensure we are showing up at the same time.  We're seeing up to 10-15 people a day showing up but does no good if no one is there when you join.

Thanks Admin @ Gay Michgan

If gay Michigan business's would like to exchange links that would be great.  If we network together, it helps everybody out.  So send an email today if you would to exchange links.  Gay Michigan has a very decent Google Page Rank of 4.  Please use the term Gay Michigan as the clickable text or see the Link to Us Page.  The Gay Michigan Link Page is starting to get resources listed now.  Keep checking the Gay Michigan Links Page to find Gay Michigan links.

Now on another note.  Gay Michigan is NOT about SEX HOOK UPS.  Gay Michigan has zero tolerance for that.  If you want that kind of information for Michigan go Http:// as this part of Gay Michigan is not for that.

Gay Michigan Forum is back up!!!  Yes we are starting fresh as there wasn't much activity on the last forum.  Maybe this time around it will be different?  So any ways the Gay Michigan Forum is online and ready!!!  Go and register and meet some people today.  Once again this forum is intended for things non sexual. Can't gay men in Michigan talk about anything besides sex?  Come on people join up and share with us your grandma's secret meat loaf recipe or something, anything.  : )  We haven't even created any categories yet because only two people signed up.  Really guys let's try to think without our penis's for just a little bit.

Gay Michigan is currently looking for corporate sponsors, send email if your interested.

Admin @ Gay Michigan

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